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01 November 2006 @ 07:28 pm
Because Siggraph has finally kinda chose something to work on for an animated shot and I'm so FREAKING happy about it so YAY!

So a parody of the little mermaid. Hopefully this won't fall through but whatever, it just may fall through and some how we'll get better things.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this place. There's no excuse and again my apologies.

This Saturday we're meeting at 2pm in the usual place (ie. the 2D animation lab) and we're gonna be hitting togeather ideas, sketching, and doing my favoriet general part of PRE PRODUCTION!

SO please guys come on and prepare to spend a little time with us on Sat. November 4th at 2pm in the 2D animation lab.

I also want to start up a little animation news letter through siggraph so start pulling togeather some stuff. Sketches, comics, articles, movie reviews, DVD reviews etc.

Hope to see you there!

e-mail or message me if you need me!
10 October 2006 @ 02:17 pm

I just got an e-mail from Lee which was sent from the student affairs office - 

Seems we've got a specific day for student orginizations to brush elbows with the students and let ourselves be known. 

The event is going to be running Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. 

What I need are volunteers that are willing to talk to anyone interested - who are able to make some times. I myself will be working from 12pm to 2pm. 

One of the things that would be great is if there's any way to have two people at the booth at a time. I think this would help us tremendously in our member show up thing and perhaps get some buzz going. 

Come on guys the GAD Club is whooping us! 

I'm going to go out and grab some candy and get a display board etc. We'll talk more about it tomorrow.

Anyway I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. 

Hope everyones day is going well!

03 August 2006 @ 04:25 pm
Please disseminate freely

Join us Aug. 8, 2006 at 6 pm for the GGDA's August meeting, featuring Andrew Greenberg speaking on "Story and Game Design." The meeting also includes ample time for socializing and networking.

Who: Award-winning game designer Andrew Greenberg's computer games have sold well over a million copies, and his other games have sold millions more. As a partner in Holistic Design, Inc., he co-created the “Fading Suns” roleplaying and computer games. The original developer of White Wolf’s “Vampire: The Masquerade,” he has credits on more than 50 White Wolf products and more than 20 HDI books. He has also worked on products with other roleplaying game companies, including “Star Trek Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine.” His computer game credits include Dracula Unleashed, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Emperor of the Fading Suns, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, Merchant Prince II, Mall Tycoon, Dungeon Lords, and more. A recognized expert on games of all types, he recently wrote a history of computer games for the Matthew Bender legal reference series on internet law.

What: Story and Game Design. Game design is much more than putting together some levels and some screens. This presentation explores the process of game design, and focuses on incorporating story elements to create a greater game.

When: 6 pm Aug. 8, 2006

Where: DeVry's Alpharetta Campus (atl.devry.edu), 2555 Northwinds Parkway, Alpharetta 30004
19 May 2006 @ 12:03 am

Been awhile.

Forgive me I was dead at the time. . .on the moon. . .with Steve. . .(for anyone who can tell me where they reference is from a Kudo to you - kupo!)

Okay! On the Agenda. . .and such.

Mascots. Are still in my back seat waiting to be scanned in. The scanners at the school keep freaking out on me so I've got to scan them here at home. Guess where I spend 80% of my time just like every other member of this school. Cha. At the school. So scannings been an issue, but no worries. I will have them scanned in. I still want to get some more submissions though so PLEASE submit stuff! We only have five so far. . .and. . .that's sad. So yeah. I want at LEAST three more.

We have a meeting this Saturday. At 2pm. BE THERE. . .or may you be cursed with the janitor cleaning the bathroom every time you have to go. Or unless your in Micheals shoes and getting eaten by a bear this weekend (he's going camping).

In other news!

Hey guess what?

WE'RE HAVING A MOVIE NIGHT! And Guess what else? IT'S CHEAP! Less than 5 bucks! Score! Siggraph is organizing an Animated Movie Night where everyone can meet up go see a flick and then say, "YAY we saw a flick!" Then we can rip it to shreds with our critiques. . .or praise it's wonderful shininess. Our first film is going to be OVER THE HEDGE.

For more information on the film click here.

So Next Wednesday at 9:45, if you can make it, plan to be at Flippers (otherwise known as Peachtree Cinema's and Games). It's a sorta hole in the wall arcade and movie theater that kicks Regal and Carmikes booties.  Floor to cieling curtains in the lobby, arcade games out the wazoo, including DRR, Para Para, Pool, Air Hocky, First Person Shoots of many titles, Racing Games,  Fighting Games, and a whole lot more.

Here's the adress. Mapquest it.

6135 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092

Now if you have any questions about finding the place, contact me and I can help you out.

And For general knowlege, just in case:

Going from the school take 285 East Bound, and hop on to Exit 31 B (AKA 141 Southbound). You're going to follow 141 South, past Tilly Mill, past Winters Chapel, past Jimmy Carter, and you'll keep driving for about two minutes till you see the road split. Take the left fork, and head on straight. The shopping center the theater is located in, is right in front of you. There's a Chick-Fil-A, and an IHOP in the parking lot. If you still aren't sure if you're in the right place it's right next to a two story 'Love Shack'. (Seriously. You can't miss the NEON PINK sign that says LOVE SHACK. . . which coincidentally has a Bilboard advertising a church right over it. Ironic no?)

On the 26th, thanks to a member, Jason giving me a heads up, We also plan on going to X-Men:III. On June 9th We'd also be tickled for everyone to join us for CARS. All of these titles will be playing at Flippers I just gotta let them know in advance that we're coming.

We're planning on doing a Yard Sale soon as well so people please start gathering up anything you want to donate to our cause. All we ask is that the items are 'lightly used'. There will be a raffle soon as well.

Lee Crowe has generously donated two production jackets. If I remember correctly one is from Cat's Don't Dance, and I can't remember the other one. So yes.

So To recap:

Meeting this Sat. @ 2pm
OVER THE HEDGE showing Next Wednesday night, @ 9:45. Have at least $5. (Planning on seeing X-Men and  CARS as well details to come).
Wednesday's meeting is at 5pm. We only had five people show up, only two not counting the officers (so please people come).
Turn in Mascots to me, by handing them to me in the hall, or sending them to my e-mail: twisted_lemons@yahoo.com

Till next time. Hope to see you all Wednesday at the meeting AND at the movies!


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09 May 2006 @ 07:11 pm
For those of you interested in going to the SIGRRAPH conference this summer, they are holding an informational Odyssey meeting on Wednesday, May 10th in room 460A at 4pm. The meeting is only a general Odyssey meeting, but they will be going over the trips and you can at least ask questions about how to get started on the process of applying for it.
30 April 2006 @ 01:24 am
Well, we're gonna be meeting next week and voting on officer positions. But what exactly are those positions and what do they do? Well, that's probably a good thing to discuss I think. What do you guys want in a officer? What do you want them to oversee? What kind of powers should they wield? Keep in mind, you don't want to give someone too much work to do (we are all still students afterall), but at the same time, you don't want them doing nothing for you either. The positions are:

Vice President
News Editor

Now each of these has basic duties inherent with their titles. A president is in charge of the meetings, the vice president assists the president, the secretary keeps up with what occured in the meetings, the treasurer is in charge of funds for the group and the news editor handles the newsletter for each week.

But is that really all you want them to do? Remember, the officers are there for you, to help you and work with you. Don't short yourself by limiting them. Also keep in mind, being an officer in ANY club looks good on a resume, especially if that club produces some prize-winning work. Don't be afraid to run for a position, but DO be prepared to state why you should be in that position as opposed to someone else. Also, please keep this very important thing in mind: while it looks good on a resume, don't do it just for that and definitely don't do it if you know you don't have the time to commit to it.

I hope to hear some ideas and see some candidates by the next meetings. And by all means, please feel free to debate position roles here on the boards, you don't have to wait for the meetings. Just make sure to have fun with it, okay? ^_^
28 April 2006 @ 11:46 am
First off I want to congradulate everyone on an absolutely awsome first meeting! (please ignore my attrocious spelling)

Well it's been confirmed that we will be meting twice a week. 5pm to 6pm on Wednesdays, and 5pm to 6pm on Fridays.

Next Wednesday, if I am not present Micheal will be taking over for me. I'm still working on scheduling conflicts with my work. As for friday I'll be there in the flesh ready to see what you guys have done with mascot ideas. Speaking of which, next week we'll be working with the mascot ideas, so everybody bring your sketch books and pencils! I've got our first true animation project worked out and ready for the plate the only thing I need is you guys to be there.

Wednesday and Friday we'll be turning in ideas for the mascots. I'll post what we have for entries up on this board, and I'll take votes for each one. Majority rules here. Also keep in mind that this mascot design has to be SIMPLE, because I know all of us really don't want to mess with animating 20 million little acessories with each frame. Yes, that does mean that we will eventually be working with this character on the lightboards - or Flash. . .which ever.

Next week we'll also be having our official elections for officers including President, Vice Pres, Secretary, Treasurer, and News Editor (for the news flyer we need to print up each week). We'd love for anyone to apply but please be resonable if you're graduating this quarter it might not be a great idea for you to become an officer because you've got so much on your plate already. . .not only that but you'd be leaving us almost right when you got the postition.

Right also my contact info . . .i'm not going post here.

I'll e-mail all of you with my contact information from my e-mail adress.
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24 April 2006 @ 08:29 pm
Siggraph will be meeting on the 2nd floor in room 248!

Spread the word guys!
22 April 2006 @ 11:26 pm
Hoping that I'll get more flyers up (or at least printed out by this weekend).

Ms. Crowe contacted me and said we still don't have a room. She thinks that the school has bogged down the guy who works the rooms with too much work and he just hasn't had the chance to get around to it. If we still don't know a room the day before, please check here for the room that we'll be using, and look around the school for flyers saying SIGGRAPH IS MEETING IN ROOM _____, in huge bold letters every where.

I'll be damned if this club dies before it even starts. YOU WILL KNOW! I promise! If I have to hijack the TVs system I will TOTALLY have you guys blatantly aware of which room we'll be in. I Promise!

Until then, we'll still be meeting same day and time. . .we just don't know the place. So. . yeah.

Penny for your thoughts: How does a meeting twice a week sound? The wensday meeting time has to go because there's no way that I can continue to keep it at Wens. at 5 because of my work - unless I can figure something out with my boss. Anyway just thought I'd throw the idea out there.

I bought books today. Must read! Woo!
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20 April 2006 @ 01:33 am
Alright general stuff.


-Meeting will be held on Wednesday April 26th at 5pm.
- We're waiting on the room number, Sorry!!

- Come with ideas! I wanna know what you guys want out of SIGGRAPH AIA

- Come with a small notebook and a pencil or pen this way you can take down contact information for the officers and have a good resource for all your basic information, or fun tidbits you find out about the club while at the meeting.

- Know I want this to be a positive enviornment, so please check in the DRAMA at the door

- This page is for anyone who wants to post who happens to be part of the AIA SIGGRAPH Chapter. This of course includes the colleges faculty. You guys are welcome to comment, critique and generally annoy us because you know the field much better than we do!

That's all for now! Can't wait to see you guys Wens!

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