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20 April 2006 @ 01:33 am
First Post! Woo!  
Alright general stuff.


-Meeting will be held on Wednesday April 26th at 5pm.
- We're waiting on the room number, Sorry!!

- Come with ideas! I wanna know what you guys want out of SIGGRAPH AIA

- Come with a small notebook and a pencil or pen this way you can take down contact information for the officers and have a good resource for all your basic information, or fun tidbits you find out about the club while at the meeting.

- Know I want this to be a positive enviornment, so please check in the DRAMA at the door

- This page is for anyone who wants to post who happens to be part of the AIA SIGGRAPH Chapter. This of course includes the colleges faculty. You guys are welcome to comment, critique and generally annoy us because you know the field much better than we do!

That's all for now! Can't wait to see you guys Wens!

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