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19 May 2006 @ 12:03 am
News from the Home Front  

Been awhile.

Forgive me I was dead at the time. . .on the moon. . .with Steve. . .(for anyone who can tell me where they reference is from a Kudo to you - kupo!)

Okay! On the Agenda. . .and such.

Mascots. Are still in my back seat waiting to be scanned in. The scanners at the school keep freaking out on me so I've got to scan them here at home. Guess where I spend 80% of my time just like every other member of this school. Cha. At the school. So scannings been an issue, but no worries. I will have them scanned in. I still want to get some more submissions though so PLEASE submit stuff! We only have five so far. . .and. . .that's sad. So yeah. I want at LEAST three more.

We have a meeting this Saturday. At 2pm. BE THERE. . .or may you be cursed with the janitor cleaning the bathroom every time you have to go. Or unless your in Micheals shoes and getting eaten by a bear this weekend (he's going camping).

In other news!

Hey guess what?

WE'RE HAVING A MOVIE NIGHT! And Guess what else? IT'S CHEAP! Less than 5 bucks! Score! Siggraph is organizing an Animated Movie Night where everyone can meet up go see a flick and then say, "YAY we saw a flick!" Then we can rip it to shreds with our critiques. . .or praise it's wonderful shininess. Our first film is going to be OVER THE HEDGE.

For more information on the film click here.

So Next Wednesday at 9:45, if you can make it, plan to be at Flippers (otherwise known as Peachtree Cinema's and Games). It's a sorta hole in the wall arcade and movie theater that kicks Regal and Carmikes booties.  Floor to cieling curtains in the lobby, arcade games out the wazoo, including DRR, Para Para, Pool, Air Hocky, First Person Shoots of many titles, Racing Games,  Fighting Games, and a whole lot more.

Here's the adress. Mapquest it.

6135 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092

Now if you have any questions about finding the place, contact me and I can help you out.

And For general knowlege, just in case:

Going from the school take 285 East Bound, and hop on to Exit 31 B (AKA 141 Southbound). You're going to follow 141 South, past Tilly Mill, past Winters Chapel, past Jimmy Carter, and you'll keep driving for about two minutes till you see the road split. Take the left fork, and head on straight. The shopping center the theater is located in, is right in front of you. There's a Chick-Fil-A, and an IHOP in the parking lot. If you still aren't sure if you're in the right place it's right next to a two story 'Love Shack'. (Seriously. You can't miss the NEON PINK sign that says LOVE SHACK. . . which coincidentally has a Bilboard advertising a church right over it. Ironic no?)

On the 26th, thanks to a member, Jason giving me a heads up, We also plan on going to X-Men:III. On June 9th We'd also be tickled for everyone to join us for CARS. All of these titles will be playing at Flippers I just gotta let them know in advance that we're coming.

We're planning on doing a Yard Sale soon as well so people please start gathering up anything you want to donate to our cause. All we ask is that the items are 'lightly used'. There will be a raffle soon as well.

Lee Crowe has generously donated two production jackets. If I remember correctly one is from Cat's Don't Dance, and I can't remember the other one. So yes.

So To recap:

Meeting this Sat. @ 2pm
OVER THE HEDGE showing Next Wednesday night, @ 9:45. Have at least $5. (Planning on seeing X-Men and  CARS as well details to come).
Wednesday's meeting is at 5pm. We only had five people show up, only two not counting the officers (so please people come).
Turn in Mascots to me, by handing them to me in the hall, or sending them to my e-mail: twisted_lemons@yahoo.com

Till next time. Hope to see you all Wednesday at the meeting AND at the movies!


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